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Will you have non alcoholic cocktails? 2017-11-12T22:45:45+00:00

Yes – we will have a selection of Mocktails on offer.

Will there be seating? 2017-12-04T12:25:33+00:00

Yes – we have a small tired seating area at the back of the main room

Can I pay by card? 2017-11-12T22:44:59+00:00

For the tickets -Yes online However our event is Cash only. This includes the food, drinks merchandise and additional cocktail tokens. Our bars are token only.

Will there be food at the event? 2017-11-12T22:44:43+00:00

Yes – we have some of the finest local street food on offer for you to buy

Can tickets be purchased on the day? 2017-11-12T22:44:25+00:00

No – Tickets must be purchased in advance please click here to buy your tickets

Is re-entry permitted 2017-11-12T22:43:57+00:00

Yes – Just make sure you get a stamp on your exit in order to gain re-entry

Do I need to bring ID? 2017-11-12T22:41:25+00:00

This event is strictly over 18’s only. We operate a challenge 25 ID policy so if you’re lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked for I.D