Will you have non alcoholic cocktails?2017-11-12T22:45:45+01:00

Yes – we will have a selection of Mocktails on offer.

Will there be seating?2017-12-04T12:25:33+01:00

Yes – we have a small tired seating area at the back of the main room

Can I pay by card?2017-11-12T22:44:59+01:00

For the tickets -Yes online However our event is Cash only. This includes the food, drinks merchandise and additional cocktail tokens. Our bars are token only.

Will there be food at the event?2017-11-12T22:44:43+01:00

Yes – we have some of the finest local street food on offer for you to buy

Can tickets be purchased on the day?2017-11-12T22:44:25+01:00

No – Tickets must be purchased in advance please click here to buy your tickets

Is re-entry permitted2017-11-12T22:43:57+01:00

Yes – Just make sure you get a stamp on your exit in order to gain re-entry

Do I need to bring ID?2017-11-12T22:41:25+01:00

This event is strictly over 18’s only. We operate a challenge 25 ID policy so if you’re lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked for I.D